Topic: E-Commerce Setup 101: The Guide to Write Lucid Product Descriptions.

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Financial gain is the end product all entrepreneurs are striving for. E-commerce has seen to be a popular medium for entrepreneurs and startups to test the waters and carve out their own niche. However, it’s not easy to set foot in the door. As a business, you need to be extremely vigilant as your potential buyers are not physically exposed to your offerings, which makes a huge difference. One wrong move, and you’re stuck in a viscous cycle of disappointing potential leads.

A well written product description, in this scenario, is imperative to successfully push your customers down the sales funnel.

Product descriptions are not just facts stated by the manufacturer. It’s not just a list of different sizes and variants. A product description is the solution to your customer’s problem which give details about the features and benefits of a product. Ipso facto, getting them wrong isn`t an option! 

Combined with creativity and ingenuity, a product description must be written considering the needs of the target market and should stimulate their interest in the product. They should feel that the product is worth buying. Failure to do so will lead to prejudice the business image.  

Follow these simple ways to convert your potential buyers into actual buyers with brilliant product descriptions that sell!

Understand your consumer

Before worrying about writing a persuasive product description, make sure you have conducted in-depth analysis on your target audiences’ needs and desires. Understand and be clear about what your target audience wants and tailor your products and services accordingly.

It is always recommended to address your consumers directly as this feels more personalized. When writing a product description, visualize you are communicating with the consumer in person. Try adopting a witty humorous style (if that suits your target audience) to grasp their attention instantly.

Understand and study your audience’s demographics and try to employ the kind of language style they’d like in your product description. This technique is likely to make your consumers feel more associated leading to increased sales.

Create Curiosity

Considering the immense competition these days, it has become difficult to persuade people to buy a particular product. People are tended to get attracted to products which offer something different.

Being an entrepreneur, you have to give them something to anticipate about. and use it to entice your potential audience-base. There is a good chance, they may avail the product out of curiosity and end up loving it!

Walk your consumers through the benefits they will enjoy, other than the obvious ones, when they avail your product. Think about how your product will make your consumers feel? Will they feel excited, happy, productive? Will it perfectly cater their needs and solve their problems?

Don’t just advertise your product, advertise the hard work incorporated in creating that product!

Be Specific

You must have seen advertisers writing the obvious benefits of their products. Take a pair of shoes, for instance, the product description reads “excellent pair of shoes”
Being a potential consumer, you will ask yourself, are these pair of shoes worth buying? What makes them different from other shoe brands?

People become less compelled to buy your product when you use product descriptions like these. Try advertising the intricate details of your product. Instead of stating obvious benefits, try explaining how those nitty gritty details help you stand out amongst your competitors.

This is more likely to build trust and credibility. This specific approach will not only justify the price of your product but will also explain the hard work behind creating it.  

Be different with short stories

Break the irrational barriers by putting in short stories in your product description. A well-crafted short story will truly speak to the consumers helping them associate with their life experiences.

A product, having a strong brand background and history, will not only set a positive perception in the minds of consumers but will be conceived as professional and established. This positive reputation will encourage the potential consumers to prefer this product over other similar products.

Classic example of this is UK’s based wine manufacturer.

“The Dauré family own one of the Roussillon’s top properties, the Château de Jau. Around the dinner table one Christmas they agreed it was time to spread their wings and look to new wine horizons. The womenfolk (Las Niñas) fancied Chile and won out in the end, achieving their dream when they established an estate in the Apalta Valley of Colchagua. The terroir is excellent and close neighbors of the Chilean star Montes winery.”

Stories like these are more likely to encourage increased sales and profit

True Success stories

When we have too many choices to buy from, we often get confused and go for the product with most positive reviews. Positive reviews about a product helps build trust and credibility in a brand. As much as this technique is useful when it comes to enticing potential consumers, there are other available which can help grasp consumers’ attention.

Incorporating famous quotations in your product description leaves a profound impact on consumers helping them perceive the company as informative and knowledgeable.

Moreover, highlight the products which are bought most by the customers and advertise the positive reviews from them. This leads to the potential consumers in believing that your company is running well and also persuade them to try your products.

A well written product description not only proliferates sales, but helps build confidence in your brand. Try incorporating all the above techniques to generate an amazing product description that truly speaks to the target audience and perfectly caters their needs and requirements. Try breaking the irrational barriers and doing something different. Short stories and intricate explanations of your products’ benefits will not only help increase sales but will also stimulate visitors’ interest and will relatively encourage them to buy your products.

Don’t want to indulge yourself in this daunting undertaking? Let us handle it for you. Check out our services, and relish professional product descriptions that can prove to be the next step in skyrocketing your sales through the horizon!

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